Linda James

Linda James

Art Jewelry
Linda James, Designer

Over the last few years, I discovered that I could use, in an entirely different way, the creative and technical skills which I developed while painting, creating collages and making garden wire sculpture. Now I have adapted many of those same skills to work in a more miniature form by developing a line of jewelry… What fun…dressing others with “art to wear” rather than to put on their walls.

I play with shapes and colors, incorporate images from art history from Klimt to Alice in Wonderland while creating 3-D mini sculptures. I have always loved layering materials and colors and capturing light and movement. I discovered a new world of tools (aka artist toys) to use to capture my new visions. Creative growth is what it’s all about: flex shaft drills, diamond files, metal cutters and shapers, hammers and metal stamps, butane and propane torches, vises, drill bits, sanding and polishing tools, as well as dozens of pliers I had never even heard of, gauges of wire and properties of copper, silver, brass and gold. I learned to make molds, solder and rivet, etch and engrave, resin and enamel, choose and use metal paints, waxes and patinas, and bake with clay.

I am also part of the “Responsible Repurposing” movement, collecting and keeping intact, vintage jewelry that has quality and history while incorporating into my work those pieces from vintage jewelry which are no longer intact.

I avoid cheap jewelry parts from China or from chain craft stores. I select high quality lead, cadmium and nickel free materials. I often use high-quality American-made brass, silver plated or patinated in the factory or by me. Many pieces are created using copies of vintage stamps, dies and filigree resurrected from use by Victorian, art deco and art nouveau jewelry designers.

My work is sold at the Island Craft Shop in South Hero, Vermont, and in my studio in North Hero, Vermont.   Call 892-372-5855 to visit my studio from May – Oct.

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