Ginger Johnson


Fiber is a medium that surrounds us.

Fiber especially enfolds women.

We see it.

We touch it.

We wear it.

We sew it.

We wash it.

We stand, sit and lay on it.

We put it around our shoulders and the shoulders of our children.

We fold it.

We write and paint on it.

Fiber is part of our universe.

As a fiber artist, I love color and texture – the bolder the better – and feel at my very best when I am surrounded with the beauty of color and the richness of texture.

I derive much of my inspiration from nature. I am fascinated and often in awe of the combinations of color, contrasts and blends in nature’s pallet.

I love experimenting with water colors, oils, and combining fibers, paper and paints. The joy for me is in the unknown and the creative process. When it all comes together, the final image speaks to my soul.

My work takes on many forms. I weave clothing and scarves; I knit sweaters and shawls. I use vintage linens to create wearable art. I transform gently used clothing into “green” aprons which reinforces my keen interest in preserving our environment. I embellish my woven watercolors with wire and beads. I create Japanese paper collages and experiment with Book Arts. I design one of a king clothing under the name ARTWEAR.

Being a fiber artist allows me to create relationships – the sound of the shuttle moving to and fro as I weave fibers into cloth; the up and down movement as I quilt, the clicking of the needles as I knit, or the simple “ah ha” moment when I pair fabrics and patterns. Each piece that I create is unique for its moment and never repeated. Each process brings me contentment, pleasure and happiness.

I studied the Book Arts with English artist, Paul Johnson and watercolors with Linda James. I have taught various courses in the Book Arts. In the summer I exhibit and am an artist in residence at the Fisk Farm in Isle La Motte. I am part of the Open Farm and Studio Tours in the Lake Champlain Islands, exhibit with CIAO and the Island Craft Shop, and been part of the Artists Way exhibit in the gallery at the Merchants Bank in South Hero, Vermont. Winters are spent working with sea turtles at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center, Juno Beach, Florida.
My hope is to create images that speak to others. I hope to challenge the viewer to take up brush, paper, or fabric to find the creative artist within!

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Sail-Away Bird-Land Scarves
Duet Katya 100_14301
Red Jacket Flight 100_1318_0001


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