CIAO Board Meeting Minutes

CIAO Board Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2017 – Merchants’ Bank Conference Room – South Hero

Present: Board Members: Patti Malone, Heidi Chamberlain, Biffie Gallant, Judy Tiplady,

Member: Barbara Rothstein


1.       Meeting called to order at 3:09

2.       Biffie moved to accept the minutes from August 3, 2016. Heidi seconded. Approved without discussion.

3.       Financial: Ted was absent so Patti presented the show figures, balance sheet and profit and loss reports. Biffie moved to accept reports, Heidi seconded. Approved.

4.       Other reports and actions:

a.       Committees Report from Heidi.

i.     Judy will do the sales desk with Jennifer Buckner on Friday and Saturday. She must leave early on Sunday for a concert. Jennifer must leave early as well. We still need coverage for the sales desk for Sunday. Paula Bradley has agreed to help.

ii.     Wall pickup at Roy Newton’s; Heidi believes Jim Yolda will help her.

iii.     Hanging on Thursday; Heidi will check with those that helped last year. Artisans will again be able to set up on Wednesday afternoon, after all walls have been set up.

iv.     Receiving on Thursday at 9 am will be done by Connie and Susan.

v.     Need the dates on the sign changed. Stokes have the sign. Will be painted by week of show.

vi.     Need a liason for the Community Hall for payment and key pick up from Eileen Mitchell. Ted did it two years ago so will ask him to do again.

vii.     Reception table; Barbara needs volunteers to help.

viii.     Someone to schedule demos is needed.

b.      Sarah and Carol will handle the publicity. Hopefully she will put an article calling for artists in the Islander immediately.

c.       Facebook is maintained by Sarah, Jim and Patti

d.      Biffie will handle as much of the second mailing that she can

e.      Judy will do the featured artist interview for the Islander.

f.       We need someone to coordinate demos.

g.       Posters should be distributed after July 4.

h.      Important Dates:

i.     When:  Friday, July 21;  1:00 pm -7:00 pm

ii.     Saturday and Sunday, July 22 and 23;  9:00 am -5:00 pm

iii.     Reception: Friday   4:00 pm -7:00 pm

iv.     Location: North Hero Community Hall

v.     Deadline to Register for Show:   Monday, June 19

vi.     Jury Session:     Saturday, June 24

vii.     Delivery of Art and Portfolios:    Thursday, July 20, 9 am – noon

viii.     Pick up of Unsold Art and Portfolios:  Sunday, July 23, 5pm -6pm

ix.     Info for artist web page info to Patti:  July 1

5.       Meeting adjourned at 3:39 pm

6.       Next meeting Monday, June 26 at 3 pm at Community Bank Conference Room.



Patti will be stepping down as chair after the show but will remain on the board.

Biffie is moving and will be stepping down on July 1

Sam has already stepped down.




CIAO Board Meeting – Minutes – August 3, 2016  

3:00 pm Merchants’ Bank Conference Room

Present: Board Members: Patti Malone, Heidi Chamberlain, Jim Yolda, Biffie Gallant, Judy Tiplady, Susan Stokes

Member: Linda James, Sally Brabham

1.      Meeting called to order at 3:08

2.      Heidi moved to accept the minutes from May 2, 2016. Linda seconded. Approved without discussion.

3.      Financial: Ted was absent so Susan presented the show figures, balance sheet and profit and loss reports. Attendance seemed static, but sales were down over last year perhaps due to Canadian dollar and the number of artists showing. Biffie moved to accept reports, Heidi seconded. Approved.

4.      Peoples’ Choice awards were announced by Patti: Fiber Art – Anza Myers, Clay – Susan Stokes, Jewelry – Patti Malone, Watercolors – Linda Forrer, Acrylics or Oils – Connie Cassavaugh, Mixed Media – Terri Rice, Photography – Jim Yolda and Raven Schwan-Noble in a tie, Drawing – Sally Brabham. Patti resented certificates to those present. Raffle Winner was Lydia Van Buskirk of Colchester.

5.      Committee Reports: Heidi said reception went well and she nominated Barbara Rothstein to take over next year. Thank you notes will be sent to all who donated; A&B, Hero’s Welcome and Bargain Barn. Notes will also be sent to Roy Newton, for use of his walls, and Jennifer Buckner, for helping on the sales desk for the entire length of the show .Wall set-up, hanging, take down and cleaning went very smoothly. Having the artisans setup on Wednesday made a big difference and we will continue to do so.

6.      Publicity. Carole seemed to have gotten the publicity sites covered.

a.      The Website is up to date but has a few glitches when attempting to access artists’ web pages. Patti will work on that.

b.      There was much discussion about the putting out and picking up of the road signs. It was suggested that next year there be three teams of two, one from the artisans and two from the remaining members, to do the job. One will go south, one north and one to ILM. They will be responsible for picking up any signs they put out.

7.      Changes for next year:

a.      Date for next year is July 21-23, 2017. Hall has been booked and deposit made.

b.      Featured Artists selected. Biffie will ask Connie Cassavaugh.

c.      Sale of single cards. It was agreed that we will allow the sale of single cards but each one must all be marked with name or initials and price. In addition, inventory numbers will NOT be required but suggested.

d.      It was agreed there will be no limitation of the number of artists per category.

e.      Biffie moved to ask Sam Hilliker to join the board to fill the current vacancy. Seconded and passed. Patti will contact her.

f.       The number of allowed works was discussed. Should we increase the number to six. Susan moved to keep the number at five with the ability to replace any pieces sold and removed in the first days. Seconded and passed.

g.      The failure of many to receive emails will be addressed. Biffie offered to help Patti next year with the email list.

h.      Biffie will design the poster and postcards again next year.


8.      First meeting for next year is scheduled for May 17, 2017 at 3:00 pm in the Merchants Bank conference room. Hopefully most of the board members will be back from winter travels by then.

Minutes:  CIAO Board Meeting, May 27, 2016, 3:00 pm Merchants’ Bank Conference Room

Present: Board Members: Patti Malone, Heidi Chamberlain, Jim Yolda, Biffie Gallant, Judy Tiplady, Susan Stokes

Members: Linda James, Ted Stokes, Ailsa Dianca, Sam Hilliker, Sandy Reese, Barbara Rothstein

1. Meeting called to order at 3:04

2. Heidi moved to accept the minutes from May 2, 2016. Sandy seconded. Approved without discussion (except for the spelling of Heidi’s name!)

3. Membership status; as of today there are 26 paid members. Three more members were present and paid their dues bringing total to 29. There are several members returning from years before 2015.

4. Financial; The sales tax liability has been paid. There was a slight loss in 2015. The insurance liability binder has been received and signed. The insurance bill this year is $175, up $50 over last year due to market price with a new carrier. We have a balance of $2792.00.

5. Jury report; Linda told us there is one new artist that she has juried in.

6. Website; Patti says the new website is up and running and she will input this year’s members as soon as the application period is closed. She would like new pictures.

7. Publicity;

a. The Featured Artist is written (by Judy) and will be submitted two weeks before the show.

b. A demo article will be written by Linda and submitted one week before the show.

c. Ads in the Vacation Guide and Island Arts Brochure have been submitted.

d. Any off-island publicity is unknown at this time. We will get the information about submissions from Sarah for Carole.

e. Posters will be distributed; Ailsa – Fairfax, Jericho and South Hero. Sam – St. Albans and Grand Isle and Medical Center. Jim – Milton and Colchester. Susan – welcome centers. Judy – North Hero. Postcards will be given to each paid member with more available.

8. Committee Update

a. Reception; Heidi and Barbara

b. Wall pick up; Sam and Heidi will get walls from Roy Newton on Tuesday before the show at 10 am and deliver to the Community Hall Wednesday morning at 9 am.

c. Heidi will repaint the dates on the large sign and Biffie will help hang.

d. Set-up on Wednesday/Thursday will be Heidi, Sally, Sandy, Anza, Jim, Ted, Doris with receiving by Patti and Susan.

e. Linda will organize volunteers for the show at receiving.

f. Ted and Biffie will work out checkout procedures.

9. Patti read a letter from Jennifer Buckner about requiring ID numbers on all art. The board voted to delay this till next year as it is so close to the show date.

10. Patti brought up questions regarding eligibility of two applicants.  Patti and Linda will deal with/resolve these issues

11. It was questioned whether we should restrict catagories of art. This will be reviewed at wrap-up meeting.

12. Patti said she would be unable to attend the last day of the show and will have someone pick up her display.

13. Wrap-up meeting will be Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 3:00 pm in the Merchants Bank conference room

CIAO Board Meeting, May 2 at 3:30 pm, Merchants’ Bank Conference Room

Present: Board Members: Patti Malone, Heidi Chamberlin, Jim Yolda, Biffie Gallant

Member: Linda James, Carole Poirier, Anza Meyers, Sam Hilliker

1. Patti announced that Sarah Rosedahl has to step back from her responsibilities due to family medical problems

2. Minutes of the previous meeting on August 3, 2015 were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Financial Reports emailed to us by Ted Stokes showed total assets of $4324.00. Balance Sheet as of 12/31/15 shows a liability for Sales Tax of $559.30. Biffie asked if it had been paid. Patti will ask Ted. Reports showed a net income for 2015 of $129 compared to a loss of $82 in 2014. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

4. Other Reports & Actions

a. Heidi stated that Reception Committee is all set. She has had several people volunteer to help her this year.

b. Patti and Jim will update our website and Facebook page.

c. Heidi will call Roy Newton to request the use of his walls again this year. Sam and Jim will pick them up sometime before the show and return them.

d. The first mailing letter was discussed and several changes approved. The application will no longer ask for specific volunteer times but ask members to sign up at time of art drop-off. Biffie will have a chart for sign-ups. Letter should be sent soon. Patti will produce nametags and art labels for the show. Artisans will be told they can set up on Wednesday before the show after 10 o’clock.

e. Biffie brought postcards and posters. We will be looking for volunteers to distribute posters, and postcards will be sent to all members. They will be encouraged to post these cards wherever they can. In addition, Sam suggested we have cards available at the show telling people to save the dates for the 2017 show. Biffie will get them produced.

f. Because of Sarah’s stepping back from her position, we need to find someone to handle publicity. Carole volunteered to help.

g. Biffie will ask Jennifer if she will work the front desk for the show. She is also providing a cash register to use, hopefully to facilitate the ease of check-out.

5. Upcoming Tasks and Dates

a. Islander Article calling for members – May 15

b. Featured artist interview for Islander – Judy Tiplady will write and submit two weeks before the show.

c. Demo article for Islander – Anza will contact members to get those interested in doing a demo. Article to be submitted one week before show.

d. End of membership drive – Patti -June 20 (flexible)

e. Jury Deadline – Linda James – June 25

f. Second letter with postcards will be sent as members join – Patti.

g. Poster distribution – various members – after July 1.

h. Label Info for artwork – Patti – July 12

i. Artists’ web pages info – Patti – July 1

6. Next Meeting will be June 27, 2016 at 3:00 in the Merchants’ Bank Conference Room



CIAO Wrap up Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, August 3, 2015     5:30     North Hero Library

In attendance: Biffie Gallant, Judy Tiplady, Heidi Chamberlain, Patti Malone, Ted Stokes, Susan Stokes, Barb Rothstein, Sam Hilliker, Linda Bennett, Jim Yolda, Sarah Rosedahl, Sandra Lambert, Anza Meyers

  1. Approval of Minutes – Heidi accepted and Sarah seconded
  2. Treasurer’s Report and Show Statistics – Ted presented the 2015 Show figures broken down daily, which Total $9,321.69 , Patrons 805.

Although sales were better last year 2014, $9795.91, there were 44 artists participating. This year 2015, there were 33 artists participating.   The raffle brought $457.00 and donations another $312.00. He also presented the CIAO Profit and Loss Sheet which had a Net Income: $413.48. It was Ted’s recommendation to spend this down on supplies for next year so that the tax would be reduced. A suggestion was made to purchase : a stamp with our new address, postage stamps, napkins, plates, pitchers with tops and a few shopping baskets for patrons. Heidi accepted and Sarah seconded.

3.  Announcement of People’s Choice Awards and Raffle Winner- Judy Tiplady presented the data collected from the voting ballots. This year we decided to do a People’s Choice, First, Second and Third in each category.

  1. Clay, Glass or Fiber – Buckner, Stokes, Gallant
  2. Jewelry – Timber Mountain , Gallant , Malone
  3. Watercolors- Light , Reese , Rosedahl
  4. Acrylics or Oils – Reese , Cassavagh , Baird
  5. Mixed Media – S Lambert , Rosedahl , Diancia
  6. Photography – Schwan Noble, Mitchell , Yolda
  7. Drawing – S. Brabborn, Petro , Bergeron

Raffle Winner: Cathy Moulton, Alburgh

  1. Committee Reports
  2. Publicity – Judy Tiplady presented the data from the ballots asking patrons how they heard about the show. Signs 46, Islander Newspaper 38, Posters 15, Postcard Invitations 15, Internet 9, Island Adventure Guide 8, Open Farm Studio Tour 7, Burlington Free Press 6, Seven Days 6, Vermont Magazine 2. Other:FPF/WCAX/TV NEWS
  3. Review bylaws 2010, and CIAO Policy – Susan proposed and Judy seconded a change in the Officiers section of the CIAO bylaws.   The officers of the Board shall consist of Three Directors, One to be in charge of Set Up, One to manage Publicity and One to provide the Organization for the group, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  4. Changes for next year including setting up new committees and responsibilities

A.Date and Booking of Community Hall for 2016- July 22,23,24, Biffie will be in charge of booking the hall.

  1. Selection of Featured Artist for 2016- Susan Stokes proposed and Judy Tiplady seconded that Anza Meyers will be our featured artist for 2016.
  2. Selection of New Board Members for 2016 – Our Directors will include: Patti Malone – Organization , Sarah Rosedahl – Publicity , Heidi  Chamberlin – Set Up, Secretary: Biffie Gallant, and Ted Stokes Treasurer.
  3. Committee and Chairs 2015-2016

Board and other members attend 3 meetings: 2 prior to the show and one after.

May 2, 2016 9:30am first meeting at the North Hero Library.

Three directors. Patti Malone, Sarah Rosedahl, Heidi Chamberlin

Treasurer, Ted Stokes

Secretary: Biffie Gallant

Members at Large: Judy Tiplady, Susan Stokes, Jim Yolda

Featured Artist, Anza Meyers

Webmaster, Patti Malone

Publicity, Sarah Rosedahl and Jim Yolda

Interview and write article about featured artist, Judy Tiplady

Facebook, JimYolda, Sarah Rosedahl, Patti Malone

Email communication with members, Patti, Sarah, Heidi

Community Hall Liason, Biffie Gallant

Poster and Postcard Design, Biffie Gallant

Jury Committee, Judy Tiplady, Heidi Chamberlin, Susan Stokes

Organize demo and create pamphlet, Anza Meyers

Create and Make Name Tags, Artist”s Name, MediumArt Labels and Signs at the Show, Patti Malone

Purchasing Supplies – Susan, Ted, Biffie

Road Signage, Jim Yolda

Distribution of Posters, TBD at first meeting

Large Outdoor Palette Sign, Sarah Rosedahl, Heidi Chamberlin, Biffie Gallant

Wednesday 9am

Transport of Walls , Jim Yolda, Heidi Chamberlin

Roy Newton’s Walls

Robinson’s Easels, Heidi Chamberlin

Featured Artist’s Walls, Biffie

Set Up/Take Down and Hanging Art, Heidi, Sarah, Sally, Anza, Jim, Ted

10-11, Artisans set up

Thursday 9am

Receiving Art, Patti Malone, Susan Stokes

Organize Show Sitters, Biffie

Runners, Barbara, Jim, Doris

Trouble Shooter, Anza Meyers

Flower Refresher, Susan Lambert

Reception Table, Judy Tiplady, Barbara Rothstein, Sandra Lambert,

Present throughout Show

Cashiers, Biffie , Patti, Jennifer


Counting of Favorite Ballots, Judy

  1. Show recommendations for next year
  2. All items including cards must have: Name of Artist, Inventory # and a Minimum Price of $10.00.
  3. Engage artists to participate, send out notices.
  4. Create a place for emerging artists, elicit critique for new artists.
  5. Bins may have as many pieces that fit in the bin.



CIAO Board Meeting Minutes, June 29, 2015 at the North Hero Library

In attendance: Sarah Rosedahl, Jim Yolda, Fred Johnson, Ted Stokes, Susan Stokes, Barbara Rothstein, Linda James, Sandra Reese, Heidi Chamberlin, Linda Bennett and Judy Tiplady

1. Membership status-Patti – Thirty-two artists signed up for the show. We expect a few more to do so.
2. Approval of Minutes of 5/18/15 -Linda approved the minutes and Barbara seconded.
3. Business Arising from Minutes -none
4. Financial Report – Ted presented both the CIAO Balance Sheet ($2403.32) and the CIAO Profit and Loss Detail (-$1,232.01)to the group.
A. Patti explained that Network Solutions provided no assistance, emails were not returned etc, so she changed our website to Hostgator.
B. Merchant Credit/ Debit cards will now be with Patti and Ted.
C. A meeting will need to be set up with Biffie, Patti, Ted and Jennifer to organize the spread sheet for the show.
5. Jury – Linda- No new members to jury.
6. Website Report – Patti- It is up. It is done. Deadline is past for adding new pictures and artist statements, but she will add still do this if time allows.
7. Publicity –
A. Artist Interview completed, article and photo should be sent to the Islander this week.
B. Demo Article – Sarah will write that up and submit to both Seven Days and the Islander.
C. Off Island – Sarah will use her resources from the Vermont Watercolor Society to get the word out about the show.
8. Distribution of Poster/ Postcards – Patti has included postcards with each registration packet. They will only work if we all get them in the mail to our friends and acquaintances.
9. Who has volunteered and for what? – Patti See Committee and Chair 2015 Sheet based on Wrap Up Meeting.
10. Updating of Committees and Chairs (See attached)

11. Organize Volunteers for Receiving Day- Calls will be made by Linda to remind those who have signed up of their responsibilies.

12. Dates to remember
July 10….Labelling Information for Exhlblt Labels Due with Large Sizes art work indicated. The art work you submit at this time will not be changed at the registration table on July 23.
July 11 -12 Distribution of Poster Linda (Grand Isle), Sarah (St Albans and North Hero), Barbara (Isle LaMotte Alburgh), Heidi (South Hero), Sandra (Burlington,Williston), Jim (Milton< Essex Jct and Colchester) and Fred(Rouses Point)
July 22,Wed. 9-noon – Committee Only- Set up display walls, tables etc
July 23, Thurs. 9-noon – Deliver your art work wired for hanging to the North Hero Community Hall with Receiving Labels attached, Two Portfolio lists with contents and prices, and packaged cards. Bring flower arrangements in vases.
July 24 Fri. Before 4:00 – Deliver food for the reception. Please finger food only. Artist’s Reception 4-7pm
July 24-26, 9am-5pm – Enjoy the show with family and friends!
July 26 Sun. – 5-6pm – Pick up art work, help to take down the show, walls, signage and clean the hall.

14. Wrap Up Meeting Date Aug. 3, 2015 Mon. 5:30pm at the North Hero Library. Topic: Can we do CIAO next year? Who will step up to fill the duties necessary to continue the tradition?

Minutes – CIAO Board Meeting, May 18, 2015 at 5:30, North Hero Library

In attendance: Linda James, Patti Malone, Heidi Chamberlain, Sandy Reece, Biffie Gallant, Judy Black Tiplady, Jim Yolda, Sarah Rosendahl, Barbara Rothstein.

Distribution of Materials: Committee Chairs, Agenda, 2015 Show Registration Online Form.

Approval of Minutes from Wrap Up Meeting.  Heidi approved, seconded by Sarah.

Reports and Actions

Treasurer’s Report and Non-profit status- Ted was not available for this meeting.

New Website – All board members reviewed and approved the new website designed and updated by Patti Malone. Expect the move over to occur this week  May 18-22.  Show registration will be on the website. Sarah Rosendahl asked if dates  could be placed at the top, which Patti will do. Discussion around size of art to be accepted, sculpture and dimensions.

Motion to Change P.O. to South Hero by Patti Malone, seconded by Sandy Reece.  SH $58.00/ $6.00 key, NH $84.00. Biffie added that all financials will need an address change as well, Ted Stokes will need to be notified.

Facebook Page – Sarah, Jim and Patti all agreed the Facebook page was ready. Just like it to receive current information and images of work submitted by members. Administrators will approve work that will go on to the sight.

First mailing – Approved and sent out  – Linda moved, Heidi seconded

Publicity Report

Poster and Postcards – Emily designed the poster and postcard for this year’s show, featuring the work of Sandy Reece, which is lovely. Sandy provided the art work which looks great.  Linda expressed concern about the printing which Biffie had to do this year. The task should read Design and Print Poster and Postcard.  Available to that person is a credit card to place the order with PSPrint  so they do not have to front any money for the group. This should be clarified for the person taking on this task for next year.

Sarah has the publicity ready for the event. She will use her list from the New England Watercolor Society events. Too early to begin at this point. We will need someone to take on the press releases for next year. Sarah has agreed to do the Call for Artists, Demonstrations and Wrap Up; Judy will do the Featured Artist.

Since Linda will be leaving this year she was hoping to have someone shadow her through this year’s show to learn the ropes. We will need the following tasks covered for next year: Director, Publicity internal, Jury, Troubleshooting Table, Receiving Art,Organizer for the show sitters, and Counting of Favorites Ballots. Judy has offered to take on the Counting of Favorite Ballots, task this year. She will give results to Sarah for the Wrap Up article written by Sarah.

Upcoming Tasks to be done  and Selection of Dates, if appropriate

Website updates – Patti expects the move over to occur the week of May 18-22.

Monday, June 22 – Deadline for 2015 Membership Application.

Monday, June 22 –  New or updated artist statement and new photos for CIAO website to Patti Malone at

Thursday, June 25 – Jury for new members, contact Linda at or 802 372-5855.

Monday, June 29 – 5:30, Second Meeting to organize show at the North Hero Library.

Friday, July 10 – Send information for Exhibit Labels to Patti Malone. You must include title, art’s name, medium,and price.

Wednesday, July 22 – 9-12: Committee only set up display walls, tables,etc.

Islander: Calling for Members – Sarah and Linda will take on this task.

Featured Artist interview for Islander – Judy interviewed and will submit article to Sandy Reece for approval and then on to Linda and Sarah.

End of Membership Drive – June 22, 2015

Second Letter to 2015 Members – as they come in

Distribution of Poster – In publicity folder

Next Meeting – June 29, 5:30 at the North Hero Library

  • When do Artisans set up…Wed
  • Identification of Sizes over 2.5 feet or excessively heavy

CIAO Board Meeting, August 12, 2014

In attendance: Heidi Chamberlain, Biffie Gallant, Linda James, Sandra Lambert, Sarah Rosedahl, Susan Stokes, Ted Stokes, Judy Tiplady, Jim Yolda.

  1. Approved minutes of last meeting, June 26, 2014
  2. Biffie presented the Treasurer’s Report and Show Statistics

A Total Assets 4,254.92,Total Liabilities 587.76, Total Equity 3667.16, Total Liabilities and Equity 4254.92 see handout Balance Sheet 8/10/2014

  1. CIAO Profit and Loss 1/2014-12/ see handout , raffle and donations 828.80, dues 1200.00, Art Show Sales 979.59 Total Income 3008.39, Total Expenses3058.24, Net Income -49.85 Ted and Biffie will get together to discuss tax issues non profit, business tax, merchandising cooperative.

3.No People Choice Awards this year due to data loss, Susan Stokes commented on this, “It is a tool to educate the public and to look carefully at the work.”

Raffle Winner, Lydia VanBuskirk

  1. Committee Reports
  2. Storage Unit Heidi Chamberlain, 400.00, Dick’s Auto Repair, Grand Isle, Keys with Heidi and Linda, contains: signs, reception tables, boxes of supplies, tableclothes, clipboards, hangers and clips.
  3. Problems: Post minutes earlier to web site. Judy Tiplady will send minutes to Patti Malone for posting. Ad went into the Islander, article did not appear.  In second mailing, identify size of pieces if over 2 1/2 ft. Or if very heavy, bring display equipment empty to set up with art on Thursday. Artisans went in on Wed to set up their areas. Change time for bringing work on Thursday to 9-11.
  4. Changes for next year including setting up new committees and responsibilities. See attached:Committees and Chairs 2015 CIAO.
  5. The date of July 24-26, 2015 was booked for the Community Hall in North Hero.
  6. The selection of the featured artist was made and needs confirmation from the artist. History of Featured Artists: Kay Webb, Jennifer B, Heidi Chamberlain, Celia , Linda Forrier, Paula Bradley, Susan Stokes, Muriel Bohne, Raven Schwan-Noble.
  7. Selection of new board members for 2015. See below.


Committee and Chairs 2015


Director: Linda James, Doris Bergeron shadowing for 2015

Data Base and Treasurer:  Patti Malone and Ted Stokes

Secretary:  Judy Black Tiplady

Members at Large: Heidi Chamberlain,Sandra Lambert, Sarah Rosedahl, Susan Stokes, Jim Yolda

Featured Artist TBA

Webmaster: Patti Malone

Publicity External: Sarah Rosedahl

Publicity Internal: Linda James

Facebook: Sarah Rosedahl, Jim Yolda

Community Hall Liason: Ted Stokes

Poster and Postcard Design; Emily Martell

Interview Featured Artist and Writer: Judy Black Tiplady

Large Outdoor Sign for Show: Heidi Chamberlain, Sarah Rosedahl, Jim Yolda

Signage: TBD

Distribution of Posters: ___________________Grand Isle, _______________North Hero, _________________Isle LaMotte, _________________Alburgh, ___________________ South Hero, ___________________Milton and St. Albans, ________________________Burlington and Williston

Distribution of Road Signs: Jim Yolda

Transport of Walls:Carolyn Boulie, Heidi Chamberlain, Jim Yolda

Troubleshooting Table: Linda James

Flower Refresher: Sandra Lambert

Receiving Art: Linda James, Susan Stokes, Patti Malone

Printing Labels: Jennifer Buckner, Barbara

Runners: Barbara Lambert, Jim Yolda, __________________

Set Up/ Take Down and Hanging Art: Paul Petro, Sally, Paula, Heidi

Organize Show Sitters: Linda ( 2hr shifts to be confirmed at Receiving)

Reception: Heidi Chamberlin, Sandra Lambert, Anza Meyers, Sandi Reece

Present Throughout Show

Cashiers:Biffie Gallant ____________________

Floater: Linda James

Counter of Favorite Ballots: Linda James


Return supplies and equipment back to storage area: JimYolda, _____________________ ________________________________

Minutes of the CIAO Board of Directors Meeting – June 26, 2014
Present- board members:  Linda J  Jim Y  Biffie G  Patti M  Susan S  Heidi C

absent-  Judy T


Members present- Barbara Rothstein, Carolyn Beaulieu, Dan Falby, Sarah Rosedahl, Dave Ballantine


Last minutes approved


Membership (up-to-date)- 37 paid members, 3 new members


Publicity-letting members know we need volunteers for many areas

Facebook page-Jim Y and Sarah will keep updated;  suggestion: put link on CIAO site

External publicity- Linda J, Biffie G and Sarah Rosedahl working on new media blitz


Poster distribution-Barbara R-Alburgh and ILM        ?Paula-GI    Dan F-SH        Carolyn B-Milton        Biffie G-Williston        Susan S-i89 in Georgia

Pallete sign-Paula will finish

Receiving of art-Biffie and Linda

Sign distribution – one person to hand out (you put in,you bring back)

show sitters – will sign them up when bringing in artwork

Reception- Heidi, Joyce, June ;   donations- A&B,  Hero’s Welcome

New ballot-Patti

Demos-Lynn Soule-rug hooking, Carol Egan-zen tangle, Carolyn Beaulieu-pastel/charcoal, Heidi-linoleum printing, Susan-clay slab  tech, Patti-wirewrapping

New blood volunteers-Emily Martell , Judy T- work on next year postcards

volunteers for all aspects and bring up Biffie retiring and talk up at show

Dave B will see if he can get young helpers to bring art in from their cars

Wed, July 23    put up walls       9-10     Carolyn will bring Roy Newton’s walls and easels from Robinson’s Hardware

Thurs. July 24    hang art            9-12    Helpers-Heidi , Pauli, Sarah, Doris Bergeron, Barbara

Insurance paid and up to date (Kinney’s Ins.)

Wrap-up meeting- Mon. Aug 4 8:30 NH Library

New blood- templates in place, computer sauvy

Ted Stokes-new treasurer, paperwork and filing (might need to buy software)

Patti Malone- database for mailings (artist’s info), membership list and bulk mailings, file folders

Storage space-continue to look for a volunteer space or potentially counter-offer Island Mini-Storage’s price

CIAO Board Meeting, May 22, 2014, 9:00 North Hero Library

Present: Board Members: Biffie Gallant, Linda James, Patti Malone, Heidi Chamberlain, Judy Black Tiplady,
Member: Yelena Light

Minutes of the previous meeting on August 13, 2013 were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Biffie reported that we had $3,316.88. Expenses not changed since the last meeting.  Taxes were paid, no federal tax, secretary of state report and state business taxes paid. Commission
was reduced to 10% last year. Advertising costs were reduced by ½ of last year. Islander, Free Press:Events, Lake Champlain Island Adventure Guide. Island Art’s Book of Artist $100-00, will now be
sold. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Webmaster’s Report: Patti reported that this year’s poster is up and forms for the applicant’s will be posted. Patti will be redoing the web site. She requested that all artists limit the number of images to
nine. When requesting her to add new images tell her which ones you would like deleted from the nine posted on the CIAO site. If you would like her to link your name to your own site that can be done.
Underlined names indicate the link to your own site. Deadline for giving Patti the images is June 23,2014.

First Mailing was sent out.

Publicity Report: Sarah Rosendahl was not present but will be taking on this responsibility. Linda will set up a meeting with her to explain the procedures and transfer the information to her.

Set up Committees –

Upcoming Tasks:
Website updates: Deadline for giving Patti the images is June 23,2014. Limit of nine images to be placed on website. When requesting images to be added tell Patti which images you would like to

Islander: Calling all Members – Linda and Biffie

Featured Artist Interview – Judy Black Tiplady will write up the article for the Islander and interview our featured artist Raven Schwas-Noble, photographer. Biffie will provide contact information.

Second letter to 2014 members- Linda James will prepare and and Biffie will distribute.

Distribution of Posters and Signs – In need of a Distribution Manager, responsibilities include :
1. Organizing a group of people to distribute the large posters in the community and surrounding areas.
2. Organizing a group of people to do the placement of road signs, and collecting of signs at the end of the event. This person will need to repackage the signs (150) after the event and ready them for storage
for next year. Heidi Chamberlin has agreed to check for the availability of a storage unit to be used to store the large sign, boxes of tablecloths, signs for the roadways. She has also agreed to help with the
distribution of road signs in south end of the islands.

Additional items regarding the CIAO Show

Changes we agreed to: Paula Bradley will repaint the large sign which will be placed in front of the Community Hall in North Hero. The sign will be created with dates that can easily be changed, keeping
the times the same.

Biffie will be donating black bags for purchasing small items, cards and jewelry and bubble wrap for protecting art and other more breakable items.

New items – Biffie will be stepping down effective September 1, 2014. Linda James will be stepping down on September 1, 2015. We appreciate the skills and expertise that both women have brought to
this organization. It will leave a huge gap that must be filled in order for the CIAO group to continue.

Biffie has defined the work that she has done for the organization in the past listing 21 tasks that she has done in the past. . We discussed bringing this to the membership to see if there is a person willing to
take on all tasks. Other possibilities include reorganize the tasks into a Treasurer which she suggested that a Treasurer take on 8 of the 22 items which she defined.

Treasurers Responsibilities: 1.Maintain QuickBooks, 2.Maintain and balance bank account, 3.Maintain email addresses, 6.Complete and file federal form 1120, 7.Complete and file state form CO-411 income
tax, 14. Get liability insurance for the show from Kinny Insurance, 16. Set up bank for the show,18.  Balance daily receipts, make deposits, keep track of charges on Square and log in sales to database, 19.
Print checks for artists from QuickBooks. 21. Pay sales taxes to VT Dept of Taxes.

Additional Tasks: 4.Collect mail and pay bills, 5. Design and Order Posters and Postcards, 8. Submit yearly report to VT Secretary of State, 9. Prepare first mailing to last years members and mailing list,
either email or postal mail 10. Correct and send out mailings to membership for renewals. 11. Collect dues and create database. 12 Send show forms and postcards to members. 13. Get titles from artists for
database and print labels for the show. 15. Put up and take down signs and arrange for storage. 17. Run sales table at show, making charges and collecting cash and checks. 20. Send out follow up letter with
stats to artists (email or postal).

Linda has agreed to make a list of her responsibilities as well.

So be prepared to contribute to keep CIAO continuing into the future. Think of ways that you can serve
CIAO, to continue the fine work that both Biffie and Linda have done for us in the past.

 Minutes of the CIAO Board of Directors Meeting, August 13, 2013

Present:  Jennifer Buckner, Biffie Gallant, Linda James, Patti Malone, Sandra Reese, Susan Stokes

Guests:  Paula Bradley, Heidi Chamberlain, Carol Egan, Sam Gibson, Jim Yolda

Minutes of The Previous Meeting:  On a motion by Biffie, seconded by Patti, it was unanimously agreed to accept the minutes of the June 24, 2013 meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Biffie reported that 43 members participated in this year’s show, of whom 34 sold their work.  Gross sales were $10,125 and raffle ticket sales and donations totaled $973.  Total current assets are $4,556.90.  Patti moved that the report be accepted.  Jennifer seconded it.

It was agreed that there is a large enough bank balance that CIAO will reduce its portion of artists’ sales to 10% from now on.

People’s Choice Awards:  The winners were: Susan Stokes for Clay, Jennifer Buckner for Glass, Anza Meyers for Fiber, Patti Malone for Jewelry, Frederick Jay Johnson for Oils, Judy Tiplady for Watercolors, Roxanne Bieber for Acrylics, Paula Bradley and Kathy Dustira tied for Pastels, Linda Forrer for Mixed Media, Raven Schwan-Noble for Photography and Paul Petro for Drawing.

Committee Reports:  Based on this year’s experience, several changes will be made to next year’s operations.  See addendum.

Committees for 2014:  Most committees will remain the same with chairs being appointed closer to the 2014 show.  Jim Yolda volunteered to set up and administer a Facebook page for CIAO.  Sarah Rosedahl has volunteered to help with show publicity but will not join the board.

2014 Show Dates:  The 2014 show will take place on July 25, 26 and 27, with set-up being done on July 23 and 24.

Featured Artist:  It was agreed that Raven Schwan-Noble will be asked to be the Featured Artist for 2014.

Board Member Changes:  Joyce Borthwick-Leslie, Jennifer Buckner and Sandra Reese have resigned as of this meeting.   Linda James thanked them for their contributions to the organization.   Jim Yolda and Heidi Chamberlain were invited to join.  Heidi agreed to take the position of Secretary.

Varia:  Linda has suspended the jury process, opting instead for references from existing members.  It was agreed that, with a few grandfathered exceptions, CIAO membership is still open only to island residents.

Patti requested permission to establish a second domain name for CIAO, this one being for the full name:  Champlain Islands Artists’ Organization.

It was decided that all communications to CIAO members are to be sent through Biffie.
It was agreed that future meetings will start at 9:00 AM instead of 8:30.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Buckner, Secretary

Several problems came to light during the 2013 show which need to be addressed before the 2014 show.

Wrapping materials are needed.  Jim Yolda offered to provide bubble wrap and other materials left over from his household move.  Biffie will purchase more if necessary.

The palette sign will be altered to allow an easier change of date each year.  Paula Bradley will see to this and has a budget of $50.

Some additional signage, possibly a sandwich board, is needed to advertise the demos.

All pictures must be wired for hanging.  Those brought to reception without proper wiring must be fixed before the work is accepted for display.

Fewer volunteers will be needed throughout the show, but a third person will generally be necessary at the sales table for wrapping, filing, and bill writing at busy times.

The artist’s name and price must be marked on each and every item or package that is brought to the sales table.  General price information at the artist’s display is not sufficient.  Prints and originals should be marked as such if there could possibly be any confusion.

Addition tables or portfolio stands must not extend beyond the artist’s allotted space such that they impede the flow of visitors. 

Minutes of the CIAO Board of Directors Meeting, June 24, 2013

Present: Joyce Borthwick-Leslie, Jennifer Buckner, Biffie Gallant, Linda James, Patti Malone, Sandy Reese, Susan Stokes.

Guests: Caroline Beaulieu, Heidi Chamberlain, Carol Egan, Ann Hamilton, Judy Tiplady

Minutes of May 16, 2013 Meeting:  On a motion by Biffie Gallant, seconded by Patti Malone, the minutes were accepted as read.

Membership:  Biffie reported that 31 members had signed up for 2013 to date.

Business Arising: No business arising from the minutes.

Financial Report:  Biffie reported that the financial status had not changed since the previous report.  She will research the feasibility of buying insurance for the whole year.

Jury Report:  Linda James reported that 5 new members have been juried in.

Website:  Patti Malone has received only 2 new photos from members.  Any new photos received from this date will be handled as time permits.

Publicity: Judy Tiplady has an appointment with Muriel Bohne to interview her for an article in The Islander.  This will appear in The Islander just prior to the Open Farm and Studio Tour.

Linda James will write an article on the demonstration schedule.

Paula Bradley has prepared the palette sign for re-painting.  She will be reimbursed for the cost of the materials.

Volunteers: Volunteers will be recruited and assigned as the show dates approach.

New Business:  Anne Hamilton brought up the question of card pricing.  It was agreed that no sales would be less than $10.00.  Cards may be packaged or sold individually but the price and artist must be clearly marked on each card.  Cards from several artists may not be combined to add up to the $10.00 minimum.  Card racks may hold as many cards as will fit in them but should not take up more than the allotted footprint for each artist.  Portfolios stands are still limited to 20 prints per artist.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday, August 13th, at 8:30 AM in the North Hero Public Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Buckner, Secretary



Minutes of CIAO Board of Directors Meeting

May 16, 2013

Present:  Jennifer Buckner, Biffie Gallant, Linda James, Patti Malone, Sandy Reese   Guests: Greta Busch, Judy Tiplady

Minutes of the Previous Meeting: The minutes of the August 28, 2012 meeting were  accepted as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  Biffie Gallant distributed copies of the Balance and P & L  sheets.  She reported that total assets as of May 15 are $2516.18.   She also  reported that she’d had to re-file the past 6 years of tax returns as they had been  done incorrectly.  This incurred no extra expense.  On a motion by Biffie, seconded  by Patti Malone, the report was unanimously accepted.  Biffie will research the  insurance coverage this year.

Publicity:  The poster and postcard images are ready for printing.  Biffie will  order 100 posters and 750 postcards.  Judy Tiplady volunteered to interview the  Featured Artist, Muriel Bohne, for an article in The Islander.  Biffie will send  notices about the show to all media outlets that offer free community information.   Linda will provide other publicity to The Islander.  Posters should be put up in  time for the Open Farm and Studio Tour on July 13 and 14.

Membership:  Biffie will draft the second letter to members.  Labeling information  will be included with the second letter.  The deadline for renewing or applying for  membership will be June 24.

Website:  The deadline for sending new photos and personal website information to  Patti Malone will be June 24.

Next Meeting:  Monday, June 24 at 8:30 AM in the North Hero Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Jennifer Buckner, Secretary